Call to Confidence

your dreams are waiting

Do you ever wonder if there's an easier way to gain confidence?

I wasn't always the girl who could ...

Teach an online course with ease.
Be true to myself and become an entrepreneur.
Motivate others to live out their dream life.
Network to make authentic connections.

now i'm the chick  who does...

Deliver a course that changes lives.
Make the same $$ in a weekend what I used to make in a month.
Motivate 4k people daily.
Consistently build my network.

here's the deal

confidence is a craft

Growing up in Brooklyn NY, the youngest of 3, I was the shy girl.  I realized that I was letting other's dictate my worth and I was acting as an extra in my own life. I let others make decisions for me. 
Now, I'm the boss. I can present to over 300 people, I run multiple businesses, I travel the world (25 countries + counting) I've been featured on Refinery 29, Shape Magazine, NY1, and I'm published in magazines.  

this isn't luck, this was work

did you know...

Women + Minorities are the most likely to experience imposter syndrome, feelings of being a fraud in their profession?

The words we use directly effect the outcome and result of our actions?

Did you know that your body doesn't know the difference between a truth and a lie?

"You'll never stand out in a store of 300 employees."

within 4 months I stood out and was offered a raise and promotion for a very selective role.

"You can't make money as a photographer in this economy."

I've maintained my photo business and flourished. 

I was told:

I was told:

"you can't be a business owner with tattoos"

Don't believe everything you hear. I am my authentic self and that leads to my success.

A lack of
can manifest as:

difficulty with small decisions
social anxiety
fear of public speaking
lack of drive to pursue your dreams

losing yourself

you desire self-confidence

you want to share without judgement

you want control over your emotions

but you don't know where to start. . .

that's why i put together
this  online course  to call you to confidence

take the stage.
network with ease.
nurture healthy relationships.
ask your crush out on a date.
get rid of toxic people in your life.
stop comparing yourself to others.
map out your goals and achieve them.

you're going to

calm energy, clear language, studies that make sense to pave a clear path to confidence.

my approach: 

The Course:

over 15 video lessons

digital calendar to monitor progress and keep you accountable

private facebook group to meet the rest of your allies


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3 group video chats

 in this course...

the why

the how

the choice

Figuring out your why is going to be the very thing that helps you on the road to confidence. Why do we need it? Why do we compare ourselves to others and how do we stop?

How to overcome imposter syndrome, how to network efficiently, how to get over your fear of public speaking, how to figure yourself out in order to start speaking your truth and stop losing yourself.

What steps do we need to take in order to affect change in our own lives? What choices and decisions impact our opportunities, our successes, our relationships and everything in between?

- Body image
- Imposter syndrome
- Rest
- Liabilities = Assets
- Trusting yourself
- Quick Action
- Resistance

- Metacognition
- Comparison
- The Choice
- Power of Words
- Public Speaking
- Conceited vs Confidence
- The Why

- Victim Mindset
- Networking Efficiently
- Toxic People
- Rejection
- Navigating Feedback
- Asking for What You Want
- Figuring Yourself Out

The Lessons

manicure + Pedicure - 2 weeks
Haircut - 3 months

 Confidence - A Life Time


the real work

the real work

    All the videos are so well explained and straight to the point. One that stuck out to me the most is “Why we should stop comparing ourselves to others.” It's what I have struggled with my whole life. The way it was described and explained, adding in real facts and research just makes so much sense! I don’t feel like comparing anymore and I am also more open and willing to talk through my feelings. It's like having back pocket confidence coach every step of the way.



corina Lupascu


I was blown away by Amandas course. She helped me realize how I was holding myself back with imposter syndrome in places I didn’t even realize. If you feel like you’re holding yourself back but not sure how/where/why, this course is for you.



tia nash

Entrepreneur + Educator

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doesn't this sound like a dream?

the answer to your questions:




is this for me?

Does the idea of going to networking events give you belly aches? Are you afraid to speak your mind out of fear of judgement? Do you avoid conflict to appease others? Do you compare yourself to others negatively? Have you wanted to start a business, ask for a raise or start a social channel but have procrastinated for years? You need this boost of confidence. Yes.

How long is the course?

The course is designed to allow you go at your own pace but it is suggested that you watch one video lesson a day. At that pace you'll finish the course in 3 weeks. However, other students have watched the course in a few days and rewatched to solidify the information.

How can I view this course?

The course is hosted on a teaching platform called Teachable, it can be viewed on the browser of your phone, desktop and there's a free app for iPhones that will give you quick access to the course allowing you to watch anywhere.


what else do i get?

Girl, you want more?! I hope you do! You deserve all the best things in life! Along with the video lessons, you get digital downloads to monitor your progress, think journal prompts and manifestations to practice. You also get added to a facebook group so you can network and connect with others who have gone through the course too!
And don't forget you have access to this information forever, so come back when you need a refresher.


is this a subscription or one time payment?

This course is a one time payment or the payments can be split in 2.

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one time payment $297

or two payments of $175