A disrupter creating her dream lifestyle

and helping others do the same

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Amanda Lee

Photographer + Coach



The first time I decided to work on my own time was when I was born late in Brooklyn, NYC. Being the youngest sibling of 3 and into a family of medical professionals, the idea of a good, minimum-risk life was always the goal. I let others decide for me. I was passive-aggressive instead of assertive, quiet instead of voicing my opinion. 

But the moment I was kicked out of X-Ray school was my first act of strong confidence, leading me today to running multiple businesses, featured in Refinery29, Shape Magazine, changed the structure of a billion dollar company, and published in magazines by age 30. 

This isn’t luck, this was work. 

I live my life by the simple philosophy that maximum effort goes hand-in-hand with confidence. Our name is our reputation, and I believe in all possibilities.

I strongly believe everyone has beauty and power within them. Your dreams are waiting.

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